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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Just a Flesh Wound comic pages

Just a Flesh Wound
Pencilled (digital) pages
Written by Mike Schneider

Page 1
Row 1
Panel 1 ( 1/3 height full width )
an old master is meditating on the porch of his dojo. a ninja moves through the shadows of the darkened dojo behind him
'Just a Flesh Wound' - Mike Schneider +

Row 2
Panel 2 ( 1/3 height 1/2 width )
the old master looks in his general direction without turning his head. behind the master we see the ninja quietly sneaking across the dojo floor.

Panel 3 ( 1/3 height 1/4 width )
the old master's hand touches his sword

Panel 4 ( 1/3 height 1/4 width )
flash of the blade slashing across a black panel

Row 3
Panel 5 ( 1/3 height full width )
the ninja runs through the front courtyard past the meditating master ( who seems to have not moved ) holding a bleeding stump ( he's missing an arm ). the ninja turns his head back to the master.
Ninja: Tis but a scratch.

Page 2
Row 1
Panel 1 ( 2/5 height 1/2 width )
the ninja ( he now has a mechanical replacement arm ) is perched on a nearby rooftop spying on the master ( who is sweeping the dojo's porch ).

Panel 2 ( 2/5 height 1/2 width )
the ninja jumps down behind the sweeping master with is sword out.

Row 2
Panel 3 ( 1/5 height 2/3 width )
from in front of the master we see the ninja about to slash him... the master looks back without turning his head
Master: You don't want to do that.

Panel 4 ( 1/5 height 1/3 width )
flash of a blade downward slash across black panel

Row 3
Panel 5 ( 2/5 height full width )
the ninja runs off holding the bleeding stump of his other arm with his mechanical one. The master looks at the ninja's arm and pool of blood. The master is focused on the mess the ninja is looking back at the master. 
Master ( to himself ): Pity. I just swept there.
Ninja ( to the master ): It's just a flesh wound.

Page 3
Row 1
Panel 1 ( 1/3 height 2/3 width )
Ninja ( with a pair of mechanical arms ) jumps down from the sky with sword in hand at the master who is focused on tending to his garden

Panel 2 ( 1/3 height 1/3 width )
flash of the blade sideways slash across black panel

Row 2
Panel 3 ( 2/3 height full width )
the ninja walking away gorilla style on his mechanical knuckles ( his torso cut in half ) and intestines hanging out and trailing behind him. In the background the old master continues tending to his garden

Page 4
Row 1
Panel 1 ( 1/2 height full width )
the master sits sipping tea when the ninja ( now a fully mechanical steam-powered body with a large glowing furnace in his chest.. all that's left of the original ninja is his head ) bursts through the front gate.

Row 2 ( 1/3 height 2/3 width )
Panel 2
The old master looks up at the mechanical ninja and reaches for his sword 
Ninja: Have at you!

Panel 3 ( 1/3 height 1/3 width )
flash of the blade only it stops hitting the hard surface

Page 5
Panel 1 ( 2/5 height full width )
the old master lands in a kendo fighting stance. the mechanical ninja laughs
Ninja: Ha. Foolish old man. Your sword can't cut my mechanical body!

Panel 1 ( 3/5 height full width )
the old master looks towards his tea setting without turning his head.
Ninja: I am a marvel of the steam age... technology always triumphs!

Page 6
Panel 1 ( 1/3 height 2/3 width )
old man turns toward the tea setting as he turns his back, the ninja starts to slash down at him with his sword.

Panel 2 ( 1/3 height 1/3 width )
liquid slashes across black panel

Panel 3 ( 2/3 height full width )
the ninja is stopped short frozen in his attack... steam rises out of him.  The old master stands holding the now-empty tea pot in hand tea splashed at the ninja's furnace putting the fire out.

Page 7
Panel 1 (2/5 height full width)
the old master practices his kendo in the dojo's courtyard facing away from the ninja in the background. The ninja is in the same exact position only now his mechanical body looks rusty/ weathered

Panel 2 (3/5 height full width)
facing the ninja we see his head's still alive and looks very angry/ frustrated. the master is in the background practicing his kendo.
Ninja: Come back here and take what's coming to you. I'll bite your legs off!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Vodafone #Firsts

Every now and then an initiative is put forth from a company, business or individual that I feel compelled to take part of. Whether it is for a charity event or just something unique that has peaked my interests, some ambitious campaigns have me hooked. And such is the case with Vodafone’s #Firsts, see more here. Here is a clever endeavour to have people send in their own individual ‘Firsts’ ideas with seemingly no boundaries indicated. The ideas can and have ranged from Art constructions promoting environmental issues to cheeky and comical achievements like having one’s ‘selfie’ taken with the Queen of England. The borders are open and many have already submitted their #Firsts, so jumping on board and being part of the initiative I present to you my own #Firsts idea.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Cancer Fighters / Kankerstrijders

Concept Designs completed for Marco van Beers. To help kids with cancer and allow their treatments to be a little more enjoyable while at the same time giving them a positive mental kick with the Cancer Fighters!
The Pitch
Cancer has been lurking in the shadows since the dawn of time, infecting all forms of life and wreaking ill fate on those that are fortunate enough to survive. In this story Cancer has been given form; or shall we say shape. The antagonist (cancer) is in this story a shape changing spirit-like being that can be either solid or shadow-like. In shadow form Cancer enters other beings and infects them as it were, awakening cancerous cells inside the victims.
Our heroes are the Cancer Fighters (Kankerstrijders) the exact abilities and 'powers' each possesses can be indulged at a later point. Our heroes consist of a man (father), woman (mother), girl(daughter) and boy(son). Each having their own unique superhuman ability but each in seperate events however, succumbing to Cancer's might. Each struck down and 'infected'.
Here we introduce the true heroes of this world, the doctors and nurses that administer the medicines and treatments that in all hope defeat cancer. In this story these rolls will be represented by a doctor and his (attractive) assistant. They rush to the aid of our heroes, administering the cancer treatments. Meanwhile our antagonist runs rampant in a city, inflicting cancer and pain to random citizens,  all the while laughing.
Later,, the treatment has taken effect and our heroes are geared up and ready for action!
Cancer continues its spree of disease spreading, an evil look of enjoyment spread across its face when suddenly our heroes appear. Cancer looks upon our marvels with a bewildered look. How is this possible? They live! Battle ensues and cancer is forced back into hiding, defeated but certainly not dead and gone. However our heroes, including the doctor and nurse will always be ready to fight against cancer's inevitable return.

Monday, 31 March 2014